Google Glass surgery, the first one!

In tcirgury google glass 224x300 Google Glass surgery, the first one!he “Maine Medical Center” in Spain doctor Rafael Grossman has executed an operation using Google Glass! The first Google Glass surgery! He used Google Glass to prove the potential of this new technique, and how it can contribute to educating new doctors, especially for surgeons. Rafael Grossman mentioned that privacy of the patient was guaranteed by now showing the face but only the body.

Google Glass survey

A Google Glass survey has been presented on several sites. Be aware, I am no Glasshole but Google released this news themselves. A quick and short overview of the results:

* Reasons not to buy: nerdy, goofy, weird
* Men have more interest than women in this product (oh really?)

Google Glass teardown

The time is right to tear the Google Glass down to have a look under the hood! What first looked like a mission impossible turned into something  not that difficult, well, you need a torx screwdiver, that’s it. If you do that the central hardware get visible. After that the plastic was removed which unveiled the sensors. A further tear down means that you have to cut in the plastic which I guess screws up the device but ok…

glass teardown3 300x155 Google Glass teardown

How Google Glass looks for you

How will Google Glass look in your world?
You are not an Explorer but want to give it a try? Now you can with this website.

glasssim1 300x128 How Google Glass looks for you




Glass competitor Vuzix M100

This is not really big news but I want so share it with you anyway.
It’s the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses, but is it really a competitor? Have a look here for a summary. And a first review by

First glasses, now lenses?

Mission Impossible-style contact lenses that can take pictures and scan data are a step closer to reality as scientists develop LED soft lenses. South Korean researchers develop futuristic electrode
Thin, transparent material has widespread possibilities, scientists say.

Read more here in the “Daily Mail”

lensen 300x166 First glasses, now lenses?

When to use Google Glass?

In which situations Google Glass will be handy and in which situations it’s absolutely not done.In previous post you could already see a hilarious video about a “Glasshole”.
Let’s think up loud and join me in the comments with more ideas!


1. Driving car with navigation while checking real-time traffic jams:

Glass review!

Great review about Google Glass by A must-see without a doubt:

Don’t be a glasshole!

If you start to take your Google Glass too serious, you end up like a glasshole:

Introduction to Google Glass Video

Need an introduction to Google Glass?

For the newbies: